Project Overview

In October of 2007, an occupancy permit was granted for the 85,000 square foot Cleveland Brothers Central Parts and Distribution Facility in the Benner Commerce Park.  This permit was the culmination of a project that began in the Spring of 2006 as a request to rezone a portion of the future Benner Commerce Park. 

It was at that time that Cleveland Brothers Equipment Company, a well respected and recognized Caterpillar Dealership approached the Centre County Industrial Development Corporation (CCIDC) to be the first tenant in the then yet to be designed 215 acre park.  The state-of-the-art facility was planned to support and service an exclusive Caterpillar territory that includes 59 counties in Pennsylvania, 17 counties in West Virginia and two counties in western Maryland. The challenge of designing and constructing this impressive facility in a park that did not have proper zoning, approved access or utilities was daunting, but PennTerra accepted the challenge, rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the following services:

  • Working with Benner Township on rezoning
  • Planning the 215 acre park
  • Designing the main access to the park including a turning land on Route 150
  • Designing a regional stormwater detention basin
  • Designing the utility extension to the park
  • Designing the 20 acre Cleveland Brothers parcel
  • Working with the CCIDC, Senator Corman’s Office, Spring Benner Walker Joint Authority and Bellefonte Borough to bring a 7.4 million dollar loan and grant from the PennWORKS program to upgrade Bellefonte Sewage conveyance lines and treatment plant.