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Welcome, John Ilko!

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PennTerra Engineering, Inc. (PTE) recently welcomed John W.T. Ilko to the Design Team.

“Our team continues to grow and we are thrilled to have John join us,” says John Sepp, P.E., President of PTE. “John’s years of experience with CAD programs will help him immensely as he gets up to speed.”


Most recently, Ilko worked remotely as a Senior CAD Drafter for JJB D.C., Inc., which included designing utility plans for clients within CAD programs.

As a graduate of Harrisburg Area Community College with a degree in General Engineering, Ilko has continuously strengthened and broadened his skill set.

“I want to be able to progress with my CAD skills, so working in Civil 3D at PennTerra was a natural progression,” notes Ilko.

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Originally from York, Ilko and his wife, Brienna, moved to State College two years ago so that she could pursue a degree from Penn State. Once his remote position wound down, Ilko began searching for a new challenge.

“I came across the listing and my qualifications fit really well,” remembers Ilko. “After interviewing, I found out more about the great benefits that PennTerra has. Everybody’s nice and helpful.”

As part of an employee-owned land development firm, each individual team member’s personal and professional advancement will have a positive impact on the entire team.

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“It’s definitely nice to be able to grab help whenever I need to,” notes Ilko as he transitions from using AutoCAD Civil 2D to AutoCAD Civil 3D.

In addition to his onboarding curriculum, Ilko has shadowed some of his co-workers.

“This week, I’ve been shadowing Cody,” Ilko says. “He’s really good at training, explaining things, and his thought process behind it.”

Already, Ilko is gaining confidence in his AutoCAD Civil 3D skills and putting them to the test with training projects.

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“I redlined a 17-page hotel plan, remade an existing plan, and worked with feature lines and surface tools,” Ilko states.

As an avid 3D printer enthusiast, technology software comes naturally to him.

In his spare time, he enjoys 3D printing and has already created a custom business card holder for himself.

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Ilko also enjoys gaming, spending time with Brienna, and hanging out with their cat, Shade, and their Guinea pig, Phillip.

To learn more about PennTerra Engineering, an employee-owned firm of land development experts headquartered in Happy Valley, please visit

Welcome, John Ilko!
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Posted by Irene Wetzel on 02/23/2024