Land Planning

The success of a land development project is often determined in the planning stage, saving significant construction costs and avoiding months of delays with Read More

Land Surveying


Although the principles and goals of land surveying remain constant, the available technology is constantly improving. PennTerra takes full advantage of the latest available field equipment and computer Read More

Site Engineering

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There is no substitute for a well-designed project. It will save substantial construction costs, increase the marketability of the project and decrease the time to complete. Read More


Construction Management


PennTerra has bid out and managed hundreds of construction projects, from simple additions or expansions to multi-million dollar subdivisions and shopping centers. Read More

Floodplain Services


If you’ve received a letter from your municipality stating your property/home is now within the floodplain limits, we can coordinate with the municipality to determine the necessary course of action. Read More

Forensic Engineering


PennTerra Engineering, Inc. established its forensic engineering division to provide Insurance Companies with a means to professionally Read More